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TalentPeak™ - The Low Cost, High Value Leader in  Performance Management Software
What Makes TalentPeak Unique?
It is the "Greyhound" of appraisal systems. Managers can complete their employee’s reviews in a fraction of the time it would take if using any other system.  Our embedded technology, and single page review forms are unparalleled in the industry!  Our competitors require the user to employ numerous inefficient "split screen" copy and paste functions just to add journal notes, multi-rater feedback, and the employee’s self-assessment comments into the final appraisal during the review preparation step. Using our unique embedded technology, TalentPeak™ auto-populates all with just a simple "click of the mouse". No maneuvering between multiple pages and "split screens", it is Quick and Easy!  View our "Greyhound of Performance Appraisal Systems Video"
The Greyhound of EMPLOYEE Performance Appraisal Systems

Scalable & Affordable

Align employee reviews with their job descriptions.  Cascade and manage department/team goals to employees and integrate them into their reviews.  Foster employee loyalty with Personal Development Plans for every employee while managing the organization’s succession planning process with our Learning Management module. Improve employee feedback with our multi-rater and 360 feedback tools.

What Sets TalentPeakApart?

TalentPeak™ is a robust, affordable client customizable performance management system.

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  • Lowest per user cost
  • Lowest TCO
  • Friendliest user interface
  • Robust feature functionality & flexibility
  • Client Customizable
  • Personalized no cost unlimited support
  • Rapid implementation
  • No cost setup & training

    What TalentPeak

    DOES NOT Have

    • NO Hidden Fees
    • NO End User Support Fees
    • NO Multi-Year Contracts 

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    Moving from Paper Reviews to Online? Does it seem an impossible task?

    It's "Mission POSSIBLE" with TalentPeak
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    Key Features TalentPeak™



    • YES  Competency Management and Library
    • YES Rating Keys/Scales Feature Included or can optionally be Turned Off
    • YES  Centralized or Distributed Template Management 
    • YES  2  Different Review Cycles Available
    • YES  Includes a no cost Job Description Template Builder
    • YES  Weightings Feature included or optionally turn off
    • YES  Includes the ability for Ad-Hoc Reviews
    • YES  Includes a Multi-Rater
    • YES  Includes the ability to Easily Add/Edit Record Notes
    • YES  Easy to Use, straight forward Navigation for all
    • YES  Multiple Reports,Views, Colored Graphs
    • YES  Embedded Technology
    • YES  Cloud Hosted and Browser Based Access
    • YES  Lowest Cost Per User Pricing
    • YES  Low Cost Add-Ons Available (Summit Goal™ Management, Learning Management & Compass360™)



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