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LeadershipRecalibrating Our Internal Guidance
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Re-Calibrating Our Direction


The higher a person rises in the organization the more likely they are to be cut off from constructive feedback. This can result in having a distorted view of their strengths and skills which can hamper their ability to maximize their talent.


Compass360™ removes the blind spots from our self perception thus opening the door to re-calibrating our internal guidance system.

Why TalentPeak Compass 360™?


Most 360 systems use generic questions—to fit all Rater Groups—but with equally generic and bland results.

The TalentPeak Compass 360™ has unique context-targeted technology  which provides respondents with highly focused question sets for each Rater Group.


PEERS: Questions about teamwork.
CUSTOMERS: Questions about customer service.
MANAGER/S: Questions about the employee's job competency and behaviors
DIRECT REPORTS: Questions about management and leadership style and practices.


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Compass 360 "Recalibrating Our Internal Guidance" Overview Video
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"Feedback is the breakfast of champions!" 

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