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 TalentPeak Compass 360™ Features

TalentPeak Compass360™ delivers an unparalleled opportunity for employees to obtain targeted and high-quality feedback from Peers, Direct Reports, Managers and Customers (internal and/or external), with a view to improved working relationships, team synergy, job performance, and customer service.

TalentPeak Compass 360™ Reports


TalentPeak Compass 360 secure online reports provide the employee, and employee's manager and senior management with a holistic inventory of the employee's talents and an overview of the organization's talent profile.


Individual Reports

The TalentPeak Compass 360™ filter extracts data driven full color bar charts that are easy to read. The robust filter menu offers a myriad of choices for analyzing the employee's data.

Our unique narrative report provides the employee with more detailed insight into his or her talents.


Aggregate and Trend Reports

The aggregate report extracts enterprise data by job title, department or location and compares scores along any of these dimensions. Has the training for Department A made a difference?

The Trend Report compares scores for up to 10X360's. How has the employee's talents changed over time? What impact has the training or coaching had over time?



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Why TalentPeak Compass360™?

Most 360 systems use generic questions—to fit all Rater Groups—but with equally generic and bland results.


The unique context-targeted technology  of the TalentPeak Compass360™ provides respondents with highly focused question sets for each Rater Group.


PEERS: Questions about teamwork.
CUSTOMERS: Questions about customer service.
MANAGER/S: Questions about the employee's job competency and behaviors
DIRECT REPORTS: Questions about management and leadership style and practices.


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