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The TalentPeak™ system has been architected to amply meet the needs of its’ three principle Stakeholders.


  • Businesss Leaders
  • Managers
  • Employees


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       Business Leaders

The World of the Business Leader

Business leaders have the challenge of charting a safe course through ever increasing treacherous corporate waters. Increased competition, shrinking margins, regulatory oversight, and shifting technologies, are just a few of the market forces keeping leaders awake at night. Leaders need a tool that will help them operationalize their strategic plan while knowing that at the end of the day they have created a performance culture that fosters exposed accountability, training and development, and pay for performance. (>>>Summit Goal Management)


TalentPeak helps Leaders with the following concerns:

  • How do I ensure that every employee is focused on at least one or more activities that will drive the organization forward toward meeting its’ goals?
  • How can I track our company’s progress at meeting all of our operational objectives
  • How can I identify our company’s areas of strength and weakness?
  • How can I have faster execution of our strategy?
  • How can I get employee buy in to the corporate strategy?


The Manager’s World

Managers are increasingly required to do more with less, multi-task, and meet escalating performance standards in an ever changing marketplace. A manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the aggregate performance of their team meets or exceeds expectations. Managers need the benefits of our TalentPeak system to help them assimilate the dynamic complexities of individual and team performance in order to make great decisions that will deliver improved results.


We know that the best people centric decisions are those that are made against the contextual backdrop of the organization. TalentPeak excels at placing the organization’s contextual information at every manager’s fingertips to help them make timely and accurate decisions - decisions that will accelerate and drive individual and team success.(>>>Summit Goal Management)

(>>>TalentPeak Process)


TalentPeak helps managers with the following concerns:

  • What employee activity will immediately help the team, business unit and corporation achieve its’ goals?
  • What training, coaching and development will take my employees and team to the next level?
  • How do I optimize the special talents of each employee?
  • How can I improve my day to day communication, recognition and trust level with each employee and improve timely feedback?
  • How can I create succession plans for my best talent?
  • How can I get an accurate profile of a new hire’s performance?
  • I want a tool that will help me deliver timely, fair and thorough reviews in as little time as possible.




The World of the Employee

For today’s younger workforce, career mobility trumps stagnation. Employees need to be able to connect the dots along their career path and know that their employer is positioned to partner with them according to their talents, contributions, and ambitions. TalentPeak helps employers create a win-win scenario at a time of declining employee loyalty and engagement.

(>>>TalentPeak Easy Step Process)


It gives employers the capability to proactively manage employee development which diminishes turnover risks, feeds the talent pipeline, and nurtures workforce loyalty.


Secondly, TalentPeak helps mitigate the following employee concerns:

  • What training and development is available (internal or external)?
  • What new skills will help advance my career?
  • How do I share my interests, accomplishments, and ambitions?
  • How can I shore up and improve my performance?
  • How does my activity contribute to the greater good of the organization?
  • What are my strengths?
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