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TalentPeak Performance Management Reports

Real Time Easy to Use Graphs, Filters and Reports

TalentPeak's real time reporting gives managers the information they need to make informed decisons.

Our reports remove the blind spots in performance measurement. All reports can be filtered by different dimensions such as location, job title, employee, supervisor, department.

Stack rank and filter performance by a specific competency, or any of the dimensions above. 

Identify employee training needs, review rating distribution scores by manager.

Filter a team's results for up to 4 performance periods and export to a spreadsheet. Identify trends in an employee's ratings over the past 4 reviews. Compare employee's ratings with each other.

Reports can be printed and or exported to a spreadsheet.


Reports are conveniently accessed from the manager's home page in a drop down menu.


Colored Reports can be displayed in a variety of formats, including tables, spread sheets, bar and pie charts.




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