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TalentPeak™ Features and Benefits

TalentPeak™ Features
  • Bulk Create Employee's Appraisal Forms - Creating an appraisal review for every employee can be tedious and time consuming.  The TalentPeak Performance Management System's bulk appraisal creation and copy feature will populate your system with the appropriate appraisal form for each employee with a single click.
  • Flexibility & Client Customization -Every organization works differently. Each needs a system that adapts to their special needs. TalentPeak excels in this area. It is highly flexible to work the way you need it to. You can customize your system's default settings and libraries with your own rating keys, competencies, behavioral indicators, questions, language sensitivity filter, email alerts, tutorials and user instructions.
  • Easy Navigation - Ancillary information such as performance record notes, employee comments and the employee's self assessment, multi-rater feedback, and the employee's previous review can be displayed within the supervisor's appraisal form without having to navigate to another area in the system.
  • Update Competencies Feature - Managers are able to update employee reviews with the most current goals, behavior indicators and competencies with a single click.
  • Ad-Hoc Appraisals - Create any number of additional AD-HOC Appraisals such as for Probation, Promotions, Succession, New Hire and Performance Improvement.
  • Mini-Reviews - Conduct quarterly or biannual reviews and the system calculates and displays an employee's performance for that review period and cumulative performance Year To Date.
  • Two Review Cycles - Each cycle can be customized with different review dates and custom appraisal forms that can be tailored to meet the needs of each group such as exempt and non exempt employees.
  • Email Alerts & Notifications - Performance Record Notes Email Notifications. This feature gives Appraisers and Appraisees the option to notify the intended recipient of a record note by way of a system generated email. The email alert tells the recipient immediately that a new Performance Record Note has been added, who added the note, when and the essence of the note. An email is sent automatically to the other party by the sender clicking a release button to inform the recipient of the performance record note. The email also contains key details of the note that has been added. 
  • Managing Employee Data During Change - Managing employee data during a reorganization or employee transfer is simple. The TalentPeak Performance Management System has a sophisticated hierarchical design and workflow engine that makes it exceedingly nimble at coping with employee transfers and reorganizations. TalentPeak easily manages the movement of employee data and the shifting reporting relationships during times of change.
  • Document Upload and Export - Do your reviews require additional documentation, such as a score card, certification, customer letters? Would you like to upload job descriptions or an employee photo? TalentPeak will upload, PDFs, Word, and Excel documents and photos. TalentPeak forms can be printed, or converted to Word, and reports can be exported to Excel. The TalentPeak editor function allows cut and paste within the system. Toggling back and forth between TalentPeak and external data is seamless.
  • Job Descriptions - Job Descriptions can be used as a platform for building the corresponding appraisal template to ensure proper goal and competency alignment.
  • Forced Comments Feature - Managers must include comments for low or high scores in order to submit their reviews. This feature eliminates incomplete reviews.
  • Collaborative Goal Setting Feature - Allows the employee to input their goals for review by their manager.
  • Form Release and Approval - Design a custom signature approval workflow process to fit your audit and approval process.
  • Rating Keys/Scales - System Options in set up to work WITH or WITHOUT any Rating Keys/Scales. This is when you just want QUALITATIVE notes being added by managers and employees (for each performance measure) on Appraisal Forms -- Actual Performance Notes, and Improvement Actions/Training/Coaching. 


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TalentPeak™ Benefits

Go paperless, stay focused on your business goals, and collect valuable performance related information to make better learning and succession planning decisions. No other performance management system delivers so much value for so little!


  • Save valuable employee/manager and HR time
  • Improve the accuracy, thoroughness and overall quality of your reviews
  • Improve timely completion rates
  • Align Corporate Goals with TalentPeak's Summit Goal Management ™ for
    ·        Increased operating margins
    ·        Quicker execution of company strategy
    ·        Improved employee engagement
  • Track and manage the performance management of employees from dashboards with customized permission levels, to see real time review data and track the review process within their chain of command
  • Standardize your review process yet build custom competencies and goals that optimize employee talent.
  • Centralized competency updates positions your organization to adapt quickly to change
  • Transform vision and strategy into flawless execution
  • Improve your organization’s competitiveness
  • Create a learning and pay for performance culture
  • Improve employee engagement, retention and productivity
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