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TalentPeak JD Builder®

TalentPeak system includes an optional job description template functionality with the performance management system at no additional cost.

Keep your job descriptions current in a centralized data base and easily edit them from within the System Administrator’s HR access as job requirements change.  TalentPeak™ provides you with the option and ability to embellish all job descriptions with client editable competencies or include those from the system library.

The great thing about TalentPeak™ is that it will automatically transfer all of your job competencies into a new appraisal template with a single click.  There is no need to recreate the wheel or cut and paste into another template.

JD Builder® Copy and Export Function

Copy and Export Function

Do you have job descriptions that are very similar, such as Systems Engineer Level 1 and Level 2? Simply copy one description you have added using the built in capability, and then edit the second Job Description as needed, saving you time. All Job Decriptions can always be Exported to MS Word  format and printed on demand.

JD Builder® Optional Upload Function
Upload Function

In addition to viewing the job description associated within the employee’s performance agreement, managers can add additional documentation by uploading the employee’s originally signed JD, within the individual’s performance agreement which can then be viewed, downloaded, or printed.

TalentPeak’s™ job description functionality is quick, easy and best of all it is free with your base performance management system.

Managing your Job Descriptions with TalentPeak

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