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Discover the Leader Within

Leaders Are Made, Rather than Born!

 What is a Manager's Job?
 As a manager your reason for being there is to help each of your staff be as successful as possible. You succeed only when they succeed. You fail when they fail. That is your job! 

You need them more than they need you!

You need your people more than they need you. They can get the job done without you but you can’t do it without them. As a leader you must learn how to adapt your behavior to the needs of the organization and the needs of the employees, instead of asking the employees or organization to adapt to your needs.

Over Managed and Under-Led

Most organizations provide some form of manager training. However, leadership and manager skills are different. Organizations typically spend about eighty cents per training dollar on developing manager skills as compared with twenty cents on growing leadership skills.

“Failing or struggling organizations are usually over-managed and under-led.”
                                                                                                       Warren Bennis

    "Feedback is the breakfast of champions!" 

    Ken Blanchard

    Leadership In the Trenches

    Leadership development if done at all is usually focused on senior managers. Front line managers responsible for delivering productivity, profits and superior customer service usually lack the requisite leadership skills that build loyalty and teamwork.

    Why the ‘Leader Within’ program works?

    • Program steps 1 & 2 identify and communicate behaviors needing remediation.
    • Steps 3 & 4 provide an action plan and coaching to assist with modifying and correcting behavior deficits.

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