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Compass 360 Feedback Survey

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Discover the Leader Within
A 4 Step Leadership Program
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Step 1

Compass 360Feedback
  • Email Invitation & Internet Access to the 360

Why 360 Feedback? Feedback is the breakfast of champions! Candid anonymous feedback from one’s work circle can’t be ignored. Do you need a customized 360 for yourself, for a single employee, a team or department?  Let IFP manage your project.

Step 2

The Awareness
  • 360 results are provided via login to each "Self"
  •  A "GoToMeeting" Webinar Appointment is set up to review results with Coach

Prior to the webinar the appraisee has had an opportunity to review their 360 feedback report. The IFP coach and appraisee together confidentially explore the appraisee’s feedback report. The appraisee commits to changing at least one or two key deficit behaviors.

The objectives of step 2 are:

  1. Have the appraisee internalize their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Compare their behavior deficits with commonly accepted best leadership practices and principles.
  3. Gain the appraisee’s commitment to change at least one or two behaviors.

Step 3

The Action Plan Step


  • Personalized Action Plan is Emailed as PDF


The Written Action Plan:

  • Affirms the appraisee’s commitment to change.
  • Summarizes the appraisee’s strengths and weaknesses.   
  • Provides a short lesson on the prescribed behaviors.
  • Explains why the prescribed behaviors are important leadership qualities. 
  • Assigns practice exercises that will improve skill in the deficit behaviors.

COST for STEPS 1-3  $399 total per person                                                                                                                                              

Step 4

Optional Add-On Cost Per Person $299



  • Webinar & Teleconference
  • 4 X 30 minute sessions or 2 X 1 Hour Sessions

Embracing new attitudes and behaviors takes desire, patience and persistence. Those who are committed to igniting their inner leadership skills and taking them to the next level can benefit from IFP’s personalized coaching.

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