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TalentPeak™ Learning Management System


Performance Management vs. Learning Management

PM management does a good job at identifying performance gaps but is ineffective at managing the learning process. That's where learning management kicks in. Performance management is the radar screen, learning management is the control tower that brings home change. Organizations need to get better at managing the learning process if they hope to see meaningful change.

Maybe that is why the common criticism leveled at PM is the failure to improve performance. Feedback and goal setting alone will not make change happen. Flawless execution of the learning process designed to bridge performance gaps is what drives change.


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"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Jack Welch

Do More with Less

Organizations are under the gun to do more with less, faster and better. An increase in compliance regulations, boomer retirement, and competitors are just three dynamic market forces fueling the need for TalentPeak's Learning Management System™.



Building Employee Loyalty


Demonstrate commitment to the development of your employees with our TalentPeak Learning Management System. Employees post their career goals, training needs and more. Track an employee's development, optimize their talent, align individual development needs with the right training, share results, and close performance gaps.



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Client Testimonials


"We explored several performance management systems and chose TalentPeak because of how it simplified day to day employee/manager performance related communications.  


TalentPeak has fostered a new paradigm for us.  We no longer view performance reviews as an annual stress filled event, but rather an ongoing spontaneous exchange between employees and managers."

Anthony Papasideros