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TalentPeak™ LMS Features

Custom Library


Organize and customize your company's internal and external training resources into a single convenient secure online library. Create a searchable online catalogue so employees and managers can quickly zero in on the training programs, resources, competencies, and skills they need, when they need it.


A Powerful filtering engine serves up the right program and resources based on the employee's training needs and profile. Post courses and program content, providers, schedules in the central library for quick and easy access by every employee.

Personal Development Plans

Build employee loyalty and commitment by showing that your company cares about an employee's growth by providing them with their own PDP space.

Employees are able to post and share their learning wish list, career plans, and their resume with their managers. Easily incorporate coaching, special projects, job rotation as part of the employee's PDP.


Give managers the capability to immediately bridge subordinate skill gaps by scheduling training programs from the library and to track course completion and attainment status.


Learning Management System Cost
TalentPeak Learning Management System is an extra-cost and can be activated to your TalentPeak Performance Management System at any time. It integrates with all other aspects of the TalentPeak system including Multi-rater, and TalentPeak360.






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Real Time Reporting

Learning Management reports forecast training needs and compile training histories.


Real Time Reporting

Tracking the learning activities and events at your company and compiling status and compliance reports is time consuming and unproductive.

The TalentPeak Learning Management System makes reporting a breeze. Filter status reports in real time by employee, location, business unit, line manager, target group, program, attainment status, and completion.

Create a succession planning group and track the progress of each member as they move through their development stages.

Tracking Historical Training Data is Easy
Is there a need to maintain the training history of current or former employees?  The administrator for the Learning Management System can easily archive inactive programs and track who has taken the courses. They can re activate the course availability within the central library with a single click.
TalentPeak Learning Management Dashboard Views and Reports