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TalentPeak MultiRater Defined

4 MultiRater Options with TalentPeak™

There is frequent confusion in the terminology associated with 4 types of feedback tools.  TalentPeakoffers 4 MultiRater options:


36         360 Feedback

2.       360 Context Targeted Feedback

3.       Regular MultiRater

4.       Ad-Hoc MultiRater

TalentPeak™ Regular MultiRater
The Regular MultiRater tool, included in the performance management system at no additional cost, is used by a manager to get feedback from up to 5 other managers on an employee’s annual performance review. All responses can be hidden from the employee and if shared they are in aggregate ensuring the anonymity of the respondents.  The Regular MultiRater is helpful for the manager when assessing an employee's annual performance who throughout the year may have had a dotted line reporting relationship to other managers, or when job duties take the employee to a remote location, different shift, or placing the employee in a working relationship with the heads of other departments. 

Raters are asked to weigh in on the employee’s annual performance by completing the same annual review that the direct manager will be completing and they will be able to add their comments and observations much in the same manner as if the employee reports to them directly.  The direct manager is not bound by the feedback another manager provides, it does however provide the direct manager with valuable objective information to help guide their own evaluation of the employee.
TalentPeak™ Ad-Hoc MultiRater

Unlike its cousin the Regular MultiRater, the Ad-Hoc MultiRater, also included in the performance management system at no additional cost, is used by an employee’s manager to get feedback on any subject from up to any 5 co-workers (managers, teammates etc).


Common applications for the Ad-Hoc MultiRater are:

·         Succession Planning

·         PIP

·         Project team participation

·         New hire evaluation


The employee at the center of the Ad-Hoc MultiRater may be given the option to complete a self-assessment or alternatively may not be aware that they are the subject of an Ad-Hoc MultiRater when privacy is of a concern and therefore would not be asked to complete a self-assessment.

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TalentPeak MultiRater
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