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Feature Comparisons of TalentPeak™ MultiRater tools and the Compass360™ Feedback System


MultiRater Tool


TalentPeak Compass360™

MultiRater System

Forms part of "Regular" or "Ad-Hoc" performance appraisals, but has to be enabled by your System Administrator in the System Settings.

Separate from "Regular or Ad-Hoc MultiRater",and can be activated as an add-on module to the TalentPeak™ core performance management system, or used as a fully independent, "stand-alone" system.

PRIMARY PURPOSE: To get input on an employee's work output/performance, from all managers (incl. project managers), supervisors, and team leaders an employee has worked with during a performance period. (Could be used as input into employee performance-based remuneration.)

PRIMARY PURPOSE: To get input on an employee's work behavior and competence as perceived by significant "other" people the employee has worked with over the performance period - for the purposes of employee development, leadership and personal self-awareness & growth. (Should preferably not be used as input into performance-based remuneration.)

The performance measures to be assessed by all MultiRaters are the same as those in the Appraisee's Performance Agreement (Regular or Ad-Hoc appraisals).

An unlimited number of 360 Questionnaires can be created for any number of 360 target groups or purposes.

MultiRaters are selected from internal employees only.

MultiRaters can be external as well, e.g. external customers.

Up to 5 MultiRaters per appraisal are allowed (Appraisee self-appraisals excluded).

Up to 20 MultiRaters per Compass360™ appraisal are allowed (Appraisee self-appraisals excluded).

When activated, the MultiRater functionality is automatically available for all employees, with every performance period (one per performance period with regular appraisals, but any number with ad-hoc appraisals).

Compass360™ Appraisals are individually created for selected employees as required (more than one per employee per performance period can be created).

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