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TalentPeak™ Appraisal Process

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TalentPeak™ Agreement Form


The TalentPeak review process starts with the employee/manager agreement. The employee agreement defines what is expected of the employee for the current review period and contains the corporations and manager's goals and competencies and it may include the employee's personal goals. The agreement may be modified by the manager as needed. The agreement automatically populates the employee's appraisal form. Changes to the agreement form are automatically carried over to the employee's appraisal form. Implementing Job Descriptions associated with the job titles are optional, and recommended. 

TalentPeak™ Appraisal Preparation Form

The employee's appraisal preparation form is maintained and updated by the employee throughout the review period and is shared with their manager at or just prior to the review meeting. This form is used by the employee to do their self-assessment prior to the formal appraisal meeting with their manager. The employee can electronically release this form to their manager prior to their review or alternatively they can elect to print or export their preparation form to word. When the employee releases his or her appraisal preparation form or self-assessment to their manager the employee's data is color coded and electronically merged with the manager's appraisal preparation form.   


The manager's appraisal preparation form is maintained and updated by the manager for each of his or her direct reports throughout the review period.  The manager can elect to show or hide the employee's comments made on the employee's released self-appraisal form; the manager can print the form, or export it to word. The completion of the review process is not dependent upon the release of the employee's self-assessment. Within the manager's appraisal form the manager can view the employee's previous appraisal, the employee's self-assessment scores and comments, the employee's agreement, and if using the multi-rater option the manager can view employee feedback from up to 5 multi-raters.  


Performance Record Notes
Appraisee and Appraisor Performance Record Notes are automatically merged into their respective appraisal forms under the appropriate key results area. Notes pertaining to customer service are aligned under that key result area. Performance record notes show who said what and when. Record notes can be edited and deleted only by the author of the note up until sign off. Notes can be hidden from view only by the manager.  Documents can be uploaded in support of the record note. Email alerts may be triggered by the author of a record note to inform the other party that a note has been filed.  


Summary and Performance Optimization Plan (POP)


The summary and performance optimization plan is the signature page that accompanies the official performance review form. The summary sign off page calculates the employee's overall score and displays both a percentage score (such as 112%), as well as an average rated scale score (such as 3.2), and additionally provides a graphical bar chart summary. Each key result area is itemized and scored and each has a description of all coaching and training comments made in the appraisal form.


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