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TalentPeak Summit Goal™ Features
  • Create goal hierarchies at all unit levels in the organization—starting at the top
  • Cascade and align goals cross-company and top-down
  • Base goals on (balanced) scorecard perspectives (user-defined) (optional).
  • Ensure goal visibility at appropriately assigned levels (top management can see all employee goals
  • Managers can see the goals of direct and indirect reports
  • Employees can see their own goals  
  • Create goal action steps, standards, due dates, priorities, KPIs, etc.
  • Create KPI scorecard dashboards at any organization level
  • Assign goals to individuals or to multiple team members in a single batch process
  • Engage employees in collaborative goal setting
  • Update and track goal status in real-time
  • Transfer goals to performance reviews
  • Include employee (career) development goals

Most Goal Management Systems only provide for a Corporate Goal Hierarchy. TalentPeak's Summit Goal Management System, has a more flexible goal hierarchy structure.  Lower unit managers are able to build goals unique to their unit operations from those cascaded from above and these goals can in turn be cascaded to their direct reports.  Employees can even create their own Goal Hierarchies to assist with their own goal planning and to have all their goals in a logical 'birds-eye-view' structure.



Why Goal Management?

Studies show a dramatic increase in both worker and business performance, when an organization effectively sets employee goals that are tied to the company’s winning strategies; without goal alignment employees and departments are disconnected from the corporate goals—as a consequence—corporate goals cannot be fully realized.


Employees who understand their individual goals—and how they relate to those of their organization as a whole—will also be more engaged and motivated to play their part in this collaborative effort. It is the coordinated, collective efforts of individuals and departments that drive organizational success, as everybody's energy is harnessed and directed toward common outcomes.

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